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Welcome to My American Farm

July/Aug. 2010 California Country magazine

With the growing popularity of farming games on social networks such as Facebook, now there is another alternative—one that is both realistic and educational.

This new agriculture-oriented game is called My American Farm World, or MAF World for short. Players not only learn where their food comes from, but also learn about how it gets from the farm or ranch to the plate.

MAF World was created by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture with a goal of providing a presence for agriculture in the growing online entertainment world. Although people of all ages enjoy the game, it is geared toward children of elementary school age.

The game uses four commodities—dairy, corn, apples and soybeans—to deliver fun and learning to players as they try to figure out where their food, fiber and fuel comes from. Players can select a guide and then answer questions and play games to earn points they can use to sustain their own farm. If they earn 100 points, they earn a Certificate of Sustainability.

The games and accompanying lesson plans are tied to learning standards that teachers are required to meet, and are designed to teach math, science, social studies, language and other subjects.

Want to play? Click here!

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