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Over the moon for new ice cream

California farmer and artisan food maker develop a "spirited" partnership.

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It comes as no surprise, really, that ice cream has been called the "great American dessert" for a reason. Each American consumes an average of 23 quarts of ice cream, ice milk, sherbet and other commercially produced frozen dairy products a year. But even the great American dessert can get a makeover every now and then. And that's where Sheri Tate enters the story. She came up with an idea to combine two of her favorite dessert staples: ice cream and liqueur.

So Sheri left her desk job in the Silicon Valley to pursue her dessert dream and thus Silver Moon Ice Cream was created. It is the first artisan liqueur-infused ice cream and sorbet company on the market. She now has 18 flavors—from Orange Creamsicle made with bitter orange to Coffee with Brownie Bits made with coffee liqueur. And no matter what flavor you pick, they are all equally unique and delicious and each one starts out the same.

"We do sample a lot of things!" said Sheri. "But usually I'm inspired by a particular drink. Like for example my pomegranate martini. Or the mojito ice. Those are pretty popular drinks in the bars, so I try to emulate something like that in a frozen dessert."

But besides a well-stocked liquor cabinet, Sheri has another secret ingredient to her frozen treat—California-produced milk. She uses only premium milk, with a high butterfat that is so rich and creamy you can taste it in every bite. And for that she relies on the hundreds of dairy farms that call California home.

One of those farms is the Giacomazzi family dairy in Hanford. For more than 100 years now, they've taken care of the land and the countless number of dairy cows they've had on the farm, all in an effort to supply healthy, wholesome milk to people across the nation.

In addition to caring for his animals, Dino Giacomazzi has won numerous environmental awards for his conservation efforts at the farm. He says for him, being a dairy farmer isn't a job or a career, it's a lifestyle. And as a multi-generational dairy farmer, it's a lifestyle he hopes to continue well into the future.

The Golden State produces more milk, butter and ice cream than any state in the nation. And because it's also a leader in both farming and innovative artisan foods, it looks like these two just might have a "spirited" partnership for years to come!

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