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Now from Nationwide: Be the reason your family's financial future is protected

July/Aug. 2011 California Country magazine

What images come to mind when you think about your family's future?

We all enjoy thinking about the hopes and dreams we have for our loved ones, but we often forget to consider whether those dreams will become reality if something happens to us. Be the reason your family's dreams come true, even if you're not around to see it.

Here are some tips to help you assess your family's life insurance needs and determine which type of coverage is right for you.

Identify key life events
As your life changes over time, there are some key events that should trigger a re-evaluation of your life insurance coverage. Specific events that could change your life insurance needs include getting married, buying a new home, having a baby, starting a new job or developing a business succession plan.

Consider your estate planning needs
Life insurance can be an effective way to pass wealth to loved ones or favorite groups. While you should consult a legal or tax advisor for advice on your specific situation, using life insurance to transfer wealth to people or charities can be a tax-efficient way to maximize your gift.

Don't be afraid to ask for help
Life insurance is one of the most important purchases your family will ever make. An insurance professional can explain the different options and help you get coverage that fits your family's needs.

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Please keep in mind that features, limitations and availability vary by product type and by the state in which the policy is issued. Those items need to be carefully considered before purchasing any insurance products.

Article contributed by Nationwide Insurance, which is endorsed by the California Farm Bureau Federation. John Valentine, sponsor relations account executive, can be reached at 916-802-1785 or

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