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With its proximity to a wide variety of farms and ranches, Sacramento is a natural place for food trends to find a home, and one of the fastest-moving trends in the world of food today is the food truck craze.

Folks in Sacramento got their taste of the trend at the first ever Sacramento Mobile Food Truck Festival. The one-day event featured everything from gourmet sandwiches to burgers to cupcakes, all to tempt the taste buds of the thousands of foodies who showed up to eat the day away.

"This is great! I mean, look around. You have probably five to 10 thousand people here," said Andrew Blaskovich of Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen Food Truck. "Every city, every major city in the U.S., has a food truck community. I mean, everyone loves to eat. This is just what Sacramento needs."

Besides filling up on food, organizers were hoping folks were also filling up on the knowledge that food trucks—while popular in other West Coast cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland—have been slow to catch on with Sacramento city leaders. Current Sacramento city ordinances require trucks to move every 30 minutes and they can't be located within 400 feet of another food truck. Hoping to spur a change in those rules, organizers requested a one-day permit to show local government how important food, and mobile food in particular, is in California's capital city.

"I just thought, why do we not have this in Sacramento?" said Josh Lurie-Terrell, one of the event organizers. "I love street food and it just seemed to me like there was this enormous opportunity for small business people here that wasn't being taken advantage of."

And with 30 food trucks showing up at the festival, local food activists are hoping to these sorts of "meals on wheels" can park permanently in Sacramento.

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