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  • Corn, fregula and Sun Gold tomato salad

    Fregula looks like a grain, but it's actually a toasted semolina pasta, similar to Israeli couscous. Not familiar with fregula? Here's a delicious introduction.

  • Dark chocolate budino with blueberries and basil

    This dense, Italian-style chocolate pudding requires no tricky techniques. Wangler and Cenami recommend letting it cool completely before covering the bowls with plastic wrap, to avoid condensation and drips.

  • Summer melon with shiso and sumac salt

    Inspired by Mexican fruit stalls that sell wedges of fruit and jicama topped with chile salt, this simple DIY version gives everyone an opportunity to make their own mini-melon wraps.

  • Yangmei thumbprint cookies

    These thumbprint cookies are a family tradition for Calmei co-founder Charlie Lucero, whose mom, Cindy, originally made them every Christmas with different fruit fillings. The cookies are so good, she said, that she's been making them throughout the year, these days with the addition of yangmei.

  • Heirloom tomatoes with basil salt and ice lettuce

    Basil salt can be stored in the freezer for uses other than accenting a platter of heirloom tomatoes. Try it tossed with popcorn or sprinkled on avocado toast, bruschetta or peach toast.

  • Peach toast with garden honey and spicy bush basil

    Justin Wangler came up with this idea when his wife was pregnant, and her No. 1 craving was bruschetta piled high with tomatoes. One day, there were no ripe tomatoes in his garden, so he grabbed a peach from the backyard tree and discovered a delicious new take on toast.

  • Avocado gazpacho

    Gazpacho is a cold soup of Spanish origin, often eaten during warm summer weather. You can mix a little California into your dish with chef Matthew Moore's avocado gazpacho, for which you'll need two of the Golden State fruits. Want to add heat? Toss in extra jalapeños!

  • Beet and lentil salad

    From the crunch of the walnuts to the peppery zing of the arugula, what's not to love about this colorful salad?

  • Fresh ravioli

    Ravioli offers plenty of opportunities for seasonal variation. Green garlic, greens and ricotta is one of chef Tom McNary's favorite springtime combinations. Try eggplant, basil and roasted garlic in the summer. Butternut squash is always a hit in the fall.

  • Garden lettuce salad with roasted cherries, fromage blanc and hazelnuts

    California cherry season is short but sweet and usually wraps up by the end of June. For this recipe, use any fruit you like. Roasted peaches provide another delicious option.

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