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  • Beets and burrata

    Beets and burrata have become a quintessential pair, merging the vegetable's signature earthiness with the cheese's mild, creamy profile. To dress it up for winter, chef Daniel England favors a citrus-based vinaigrette, mint pesto and a touch of rosemary.

  • Curry roasted acorn squash with mint pesto

    Sweet, buttery acorn squash contributes a comforting nostalgia to winter menus. Unlike the traditionally milder versions, chef Daniel England's recipe features the captivating piquancy of madras yellow curry.

  • Fig and chevre tart

    Merging the distinctively sweet, tangy and velvety characteristics of goat cheese with the honey-like sweetness of figs, this puff pastry creation is an idyllic way to end a winter feast.

  • Maple bourbon braised lamb shanks with white cheddar grits and pecan horseradish gremolata

    Chef Daniel England pulls out all the stops with this decadent, Southern-inspired entrée. We're talking white cheddar grits, but fancy! A bite of brightness from the gremolata keeps your senses alert and enjoying every last bite.

  • Pan-roasted branzino with celery root puree

    Prized for its sweet and flaky meat, branzino is ideal for cooking whole because of its small size and even smaller bones. Chef Daniel England prepares the fish with simple ingredients, including a celery root puree that complements its delicate flavor.

  • Sun-dried tomato pesto

    Of all the different sauces and spreads chef Evan Elsberry makes, this sun-dried tomato pesto is one of his favorites. Here, it livens up a sandwich. Mixing the pesto with 50% cream cheese turns it into a great dip, he added.

  • Salinas Valley mushroom and artichoke paella

    Paella is a Spanish dish of saffron-flavored rice combined with vegetables and a variety of meats and shellfish. This vegetarian version was created by Monterey County chef Ken "Cookie" Goebel to support the Blue Zones Project.

  • Braised chicken thighs with barbecued white beans and scallions

    The creaminess of the white beans pairs deliciously with the braised chicken thighs in this easy, one-pot meal. "Simply throw everything in and let the stove do the work," Holland said. "The flavors are familiar, and you can truly get that classic barbecue taste without lighting the grill."

  • California cheesecake with tawny port caramel drizzle

    Cheesecake takes on a whole new level of decadence when drizzled with this uniquely flavored caramel.

  • Chocolate pecan bars

    "These pecan bars always remind me of my mother and her Louisiana roots," Holland said. "The richness of the pecans coupled with the sweetness and decadence of the chocolate make this dessert the ultimate after-dinner treat!"

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