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  • Grilled vegetable salad with lentils

    This lentil salad looks and tastes bright, thanks to the combination of tangy dressing and colorful, caramelized roasted vegetables.

  • Lime cilantro brown rice

    This recipe comes together in minutes and is fantastic next to spicy black beans or in a burrito. Use your favorite chili pepper in place of the jalapeño if you want a hotter, spicier or milder taste.

  • Roasted poblano chili

    Roasted poblano chilies, stuffed with cheese and fried until crispy—the Mexican version of the perfect comfort food!

  • Cherry and orange sweet treat

    Who knew a recipe this simple could taste so good? Freezing cherries during harvest season—which typically begins by mid-May—allows you to enjoy them year-round and also gives the dish a sorbet-like texture.

  • Fig crostini with Point Reyes blue cheese

    Sweet fig compote stands up well to the intense, tangy blue cheese in this tasty appetizer.

  • Pickled chard

    Eat the rainbow by not throwing out rainbow chard stems, says Sausalito chef Ryan Kacenjar. Instead, pickle the crunchy and colorful pieces!

  • Collard green wraps with quinoa and lentils

    Lightly steamed collard greens make an excellent wrap for a delightful, savory filling of your choice. Be sure not to overcook the collards, as they will be perfect after only 90 seconds to two minutes of steaming.

  • Thai Society's lettuce wraps

    Bursting with flavor, Asian lettuce wraps are great for entertaining or family-style meals. Each person can build their own wrap and add extra veggies like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers or radishes, based on their preference.

  • Chase's gluten-free veg-ghetti

    Teen chef Chase Bailey says rice-based noodles are his noodle of choice for this healthful, colorful recipe.

  • Chocolate blackberry mousse cake

    "Deliriously delicious" is how one Yelp reviewer describes this rich chocolate cake enveloped in fluffy blackberry mousse.

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