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  • Oven-roasted baby carrots with mole sauce

    In this unique take on a Mexican mole sauce, chocolate is substituted with black garlic, an ingredient that offers a creamy texture and a sweet, umami-rich taste.

  • Pork chops with bourbon glaze and cauliflower puree

    Tired of bland pork chops? Give them a flavorful kick by adding some bourbon! Here, Chef Ben Mattman shares his sweet and savory roasted pork chops with bourbon glaze and a cauliflower puree.

  • Pickled grapes

    Pickled grapes is one of San Francisco chef Carlo Espinas' favorite condiments—perfect on a platter of cured meats, as a garnish to a roasted meat dish or in a chicken or fruit salad.

  • Sun-dried tomato pizza

    "This pizza incorporates the flavor profile of my favorite ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes and pesto," says Sacramento chef Fabrizio Cercatore. "It is one of my favorite pizzas to make—and eat!"

  • Garlic popcorn with turmeric

    Garlic popcorn is one of dietitian Erin McCarthy's favorite family traditions and a fiber-rich snack she describes as both "addictive" and "truly my comfort food."

  • Kale and egg breakfast bowl

    "This dish is packed with nutrition, but also combines great texture and flavor," Erin McCarthy said. "I could eat it every day, and nearly do."

  • Lamb burgers

    Making a gourmet burger enhances the flavors of naturally delicious lamb. "It is often an underutilized meat, so I enjoy turning it into a familiar food," said dietitian and chef Erin McCarthy, who raised lambs as a 4-H member.

  • Sweet potato wedges

    This sweet and savory side dish also hits the spot at snack time—either hot or cold.

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