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  • Lemon roasted artichokes with burrata cheese and walnut pesto

    This recipe emphasizes the pure flavor of the artichoke: simple and delicious!

  • Candied orange or lemon peel

    These festive candies offer a sweet-tart burst of color, flavor and texture to salads and to ice cream, chocolate cake or other desserts.

  • Kale sprouts and apple salad

    Kale sprouts offer a colorful combination of purple stems and green leaves with a purple hue. Their true colors shine through in this crunchy, healthful salad created by Monterey chef Tony Baker.

  • Barbecued short ribs with dark sauce

    You'll want to plan ahead for these delicious ribs, which are simmered in water and marinated in sauce before being grilled. The final step imparts a seared, smoky taste.

  • Devils on horseback

    Ann Evans describes this retro appetizer as a companion piece to "angels on horseback," in which oysters or scallops replace the dates. Any variety of date works well.

  • Pears with blue cheese and walnuts

    Cookbook author Ann Evans gives the classic combination of pears, blue cheese and walnuts a twist by roasting the pears. "Roasting them slowly with butter intensifies their natural buttery flavor and helps to cook them to juicy spoon-softness," she said.

  • Radicchio salad with blood oranges

    A member of the chicory family, radicchio is especially plentiful this time of year. Its bold, bitter leaves pair well with the cinnamon flavor of blood oranges.

  • White bean soup with Meyer lemon

    Dried beans all have distinctive flavors, but the big white ones are Ann Evans' favorites. Look for beans labeled Gigante or Corona, which she says are especially robust and meaty tasting.

  • Sweet and salty Kalettes

    Chef Adam Tortosa adds his spin on Kalettes, the newest vegetable to hit the produce aisle.

  • Farmers salad

    The San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park buy high-quality produce and meats from California farms and ranches—not only for the animals, but also for human visitors.

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