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  • Avocado gazpacho

    Gazpacho is a cold soup of Spanish origin, often eaten during warm summer weather. You can mix a little California into your dish with chef Matthew Moore's avocado gazpacho, for which you'll need two of the Golden State fruits. Want to add heat? Toss in extra jalapeños!

  • Beet and lentil salad

    From the crunch of the walnuts to the peppery zing of the arugula, what's not to love about this colorful salad?

  • Fresh ravioli

    Ravioli offers plenty of opportunities for seasonal variation. Green garlic, greens and ricotta is one of chef Tom McNary's favorite springtime combinations. Try eggplant, basil and roasted garlic in the summer. Butternut squash is always a hit in the fall.

  • Garden lettuce salad with roasted cherries, fromage blanc and hazelnuts

    California cherry season is short but sweet and usually wraps up by the end of June. For this recipe, use any fruit you like. Roasted peaches provide another delicious option.

  • Green garlic, greens and ricotta ravioli

    The filling for this ravioli is lighter than traditional fillings. Green garlic, the immature bulb of garlic, enhances the filling's spring-like flavor profile.

  • Salmon with asparagus, potato, hard-cooked egg and salsa verde

    "There are so many things you could put on this salad," chef Tom McNary said, listing beets, baby turnips and sugar snap peas as options. "It's a stepping-off point where you can go in a lot of different directions."

  • Salsa verde

    This all-purpose sauce created by chef Tom McNary pairs equally well with meat, poultry and fish. "There are a lot of flavors that go into it, so when you eat it, you go, 'Wow, this is really fresh!'"

  • Summer squash and tomato gratin

    This one-pan recipe showcases a medley of colorful vegetables that are abundant in late summer. Vine-ripe tomatoes, summer squash and Mediterranean herbs create a simplified ratatouille—and it's the simplicity of the dish that allows each ingredient to shine.

  • Spring vegetable soup with crème fraiche and mint

    This easy-to-make dish—Tom McNary's take on the classic minted pea soup—is rich and flavorful, but won't weigh you down.

  • Mixed chicory salad with citrus, burrata and sherry vinaigrette

    This sweet sherry vinaigrette pairs well with bitter chicories and a rich burrata cheese for a filling seasonal salad.

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