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Vegan carrot nut burger patty

Vegan carrot nut burger patty


3 medium to large carrots
8 oz. roasted and salted mixed nuts
2 cloves garlic
4 tbsp. toasted ground cumin
3 tbsp. chickpea flour
Salt, to taste

This nutritious burger is more than just a signature dish at Mother; it's Mike Thiemann's tribute to Greta Garverick, one of his first mentors and owner of a long-popular—but now closed—Sacramento vegetarian restaurant.


Using a food processor, grind carrots to a fine pulp, then transfer to a large mixing bowl. Using the same food processor (no need to wash), grind nuts and garlic together to the same consistency as carrots and transfer to the same bowl. With your hands, mix in cumin, chickpea flour and salt until a thick paste forms. Let rest in refrigerator, covered, for 1 hour. Form 4-oz. patties with your hands and sear in a cast iron or nonstick pan until brown on both sides. Serve burger with your favorite accompaniments. 

Serves 6