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Double decker waffle with California strawberries

Double decker waffle with California strawberries


1 cup bourbon infused strawberries with crushed black pepper
1 sugar caramelized banana (see below)
2 scoops of dulce de leche ice cream
2 quarters of warm waffles
Liquid chocolate
Powdered sugar to glaze plate
Mint leaf julienne


To make caramelized banana: Melt 1 tbsp. butter in small sauté pan. Add 2 tbsp. brown sugar and blend well. Add banana (cut into length-wise quarters) and sauté until banana is tender. Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon. Set aside.

Let strawberries marinate in bourbon with crushed black pepper. Flambé them until the strawberry liquid becomes syrupy. Once syrupy, remove from heat and begin to assemble sandwich. Put the strawberries over one quarter of the pre-prepared warm waffle quarter. Add one scoop of ice cream then put other waffle quarter over the ice cream. Add caramelized banana. Then add remaining scoop of ice cream. Put julienne mint on top of ice cream. Shake a bit of powdered sugar around plate and finish off with a drizzling of liquid chocolate over entire sandwich.