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Burger D2T

Burger D2T is Chef Patrick Mulvaney's "secret sauce." Try it on your next burger.

Chef Patrick Mulvaney
Culinary Specialists Catering, Sacramento

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4 cloves garlic
Salt, to taste
3 egg yolks (see note)
2 lemons, juiced
3 cups olive oil
Sriracha chili sauce (Asian-style hot sauce, sold in Asian markets and many supermarkets)


First, make aïoli: Put garlic in a mortar, sprinkle with salt and mash into paste.  Put egg yolks, lemon juice and garlic in a bowl; whisk together. While whisking, add oil, drop by drop to start, picking up speed as the emulsification takes. If it appears to be too thick, add a little water to thin it out. Also check lemon, garlic and salt levels. Do not store overnight.

Now, spice it up: Mix 1 tbsp. Sriracha sauce into 1 cup aïoli; adjust the amount up or down depending on how spicy you like your burger. You may substitute mayonnaise for aïoli if you prefer. (Aïoli is simply a strongly flavored garlic mayonnaise.)

Note: The American Egg Board recommends purchasing pasteurized eggs to make aïoli or heating the egg yolks slightly as follows: After whisking together first 4 ingredients, transfer to a small saucepan and cook over very low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture bubbles in 1 or 2 places. Remove from heat immediately; let cool 4 minutes. Return mixture to bowl and continue as directed.

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