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Side Dish

Frozen fresh tomatoes

This ridiculously simple technique will allow you to stow away some of your summer harvest. You can freeze a few tomatoes at a time or an entire tray full—depending on the size of the current tomato bounty (and your freezer space)!

Timaree Hagenburger
The Nutrition Professor Cosumnes River College, Sacramento

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Ripe tomatoes, any size (from the farmers market or homegrown are best!)


Line a baking sheet or pizza pan with parchment paper (must be able to fit level in your freezer—be sure to check this). Rinse and gently dry each tomato. Use a sharp knife or tomato corer to remove the area just underneath the stem of each tomato, making a shallow "scoop"—do not deeply core them. Set them stem side down on the baking sheet and place in freezer for a few hours. Once frozen solid, transfer to a gallon zip-top freezer bag and keep frozen until needed (thaw in refrigerator).


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