Califonia Bountiful

The Cooperage Gin & Tonic

The Cooperage American Grille in Lafayette works directly with local farmers to acquire the freshest ingredients for its food and cocktail menus. Bar manager Diana Petralia describes this No. 1 selling gin and tonic as "an arboretum in a glass." It includes California bay leaves from local Napa Mountain spice company.

The Cooperage American Grille, Lafayette

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2 oz. gin
3 juniper berries
1 lime segment
1 California bay leaf
1 sage leaf
3 to 6 oz. tonic water
3 microflower marigolds


Place ice in a red wine glass. Pour gin on top of ice. Add berries, lime, bay leaf and sage. Pour in tonic water to taste. Place marigolds to float on top.

Serves 1

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